Pangaea Tribe is an outdoor company based in Cape Town, South Africa with operations throughout Southern Africa. Born out of journeys into the wildest places, Pangaea Tribe was created to reconnect like-minded adventurers with one another and nature through; Adventure sports, Well-being practices and experiences in the natural environment.
The company was started by outdoor men and women who wanted to share their world through tourism, hospitality and functional, sustainable gear design. It focuses Premium experiences and quality outdoor gear.
In its quest to bring about social and environmental responsibility, Pangaea Tribe has curated premium experiences for inbound and local tourism by supporting local guides and their pursuits, providing guests with authentic adventures in the most remarkable locations on earth. This is backed with a clean supply chain of durable, quality clothing and gear. All gear is field tested and customised by Tribe Guides before being made available for purchase.
Pangaea Tribe believes in the positive reaction of environmental and social responsibility. It would like to bring the world to Africa and Africa to the world in the Pangaea way. 
Pangaea Tribe - Be Boundless. 
Support passionate local guides and Southern African Wilderness Regions.
To curate awe-inspiring experiences while practicing the fundamentals of responsible tourism.
Build the ultimate gear, cause no unnecessary harm to the environment.
To create awareness and to take action for the plight of habitat and species loss.
To reconnect people with Adventure, Well-being and The Environment.