Goldies Deli is a kosher on the go food source based in Seapoint CT, SA. They've been making fresh home cooked take away meals for the past 20 years. The shop is a legacy that was passed down from "Bobba" and now run by her son. All produce is made upstairs by a strong team of dedicated cooks. The local community have been supporting this Authentic and Timeless Deli since it opened.
The brand Identities design marries good food preparation with good typographic treatment. The scripe like "g" logomark takes inspiration from the stirring motion of a spoon in a pot. The logotype wraps around the Logomark to identify this pot like shape.
Limiting the bezier curves allows for a more simplistic logomark shape. It was important that the shape had soft curves that flow easily throughout the mark.
The original Goldies logo had become outdated which is why we were asked to turn over a new page and start with a blank canvas. The blue colour was no longer wanted for the rebrand and instead we opted for a plain black. The idea was to allow the vibrant assortment of food on display to provide colour for the Deli.
There are a few logo variations and mark variations that can be used throughout the branding collateral.