Consumer Awards is an annual event that awards SA’s top rated car brands for the year. The judging is weighted 50/50. Half being the people of SA and the other half being a selected judges panel.
The Task was to create a 360 campaign to work across multiple mediums Microsite, Social media(Instagram, Twitter, Facebook), OOH and Print collateral. Wesbank were the lead sponsors so the CI and identity lockup needed to work together with the brand ID.
The Approach focussed on a key visual graphic device that could be applied in different forms through animation and static plates for various layouts on billboards and social channels. The inspiration came from a modern automobiles dashboard.

The micro site was launched to push viewers to cast a vote for their favourite car brands per category.
The competition worked in a knock out style with three stages and a grand prize for Brand Of The Year BOTY. We created Loral graphic devices fro each stage which borrowed DNA from the key visual graphic.
Every year the trophy design is updated to match the campaign. This years design was inspired by a car key. The trophy was constructed with 3 core elements and a solid weighted base/plaque. The two outer components being lightweight Carbon and transparent PVC with the key visual laser engraved. The 3rd component being a red speedometer strip running through the centre.